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Helgramite Hustle Mud Run

Helgramite Hustle Mud RunReady to Hustle? In this muddy event you'll navigate a series of mud pits, a slide, and a romp through the creek. There will be obstacles to climb over, crawl through, and slide under. You don't want to miss the fun of the Helgramite Hustle!

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2017 Results

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What is a Helgramite?

Native to the Smith River, the Helgramite is the aquatic larvae of the dobsonfly. The large aquatic larvae, called hellgrammites are frequently used by fishermen as bait. They feed on aquatic insects for three years and then emerge to pupate on land. Once full grown, the nocturnal flying insect can be as long as 5 inches and the male has sharp mandibles half as long as his body. Sound fierce enough? Make it to the end of the hustle and you too, might earn your jaws! 

  • Mud Run Image
  • Mud Run Water Crossing
  • Mud Run Rope Hill
  • Mud Run Finish Line

Presented By:   YMCA