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Tuesday February 21, 2012

Meet a Martinsville Insider: Tamara Johnson.  As the Kitchen Marketing Manager for Spencer-Penn Centre, Tamara spends her days planning fun and informative events to bring participants to the center like the upcoming class on Food Safety and Pig Cookin' Contest. She also provides workspace for budding entrepreneurs with food-based businesses. Here are her insider tips for enjoying Martinsville-Henry County, Virginia. 

What's the best part of raising a family in Martinsville-Henry County?

"My parents moved to Martinsville over 30 years ago and I have since raised my children here. There is a community closeness that just doesn't exist in other parts of the country. Moving from Ohio, we had to adjust to the 'Hey Y'all' greeting from everybody you encounter, but there's nothing better than being greeted every day. This community has been good to my family!"

What is the most interesting tidbit about the Spencer-Penn Community Kitchen?

"The Spencer-Penn Community Kitchen is the ideal place to get your food-based business off the ground and to a good start. We are VAHD (Virginia Department of Health) approved and we are dedicated to help you be a success." 

What is the best-kept secret in Martinsville-Henry County?

"The best kept secret is the nearby Fairy Stone State Park*. The lake and the walking trails are phenomenal! We pack the kids, a picnic and hang out at the lake all the time."

*Hot Tip: See an impressive collection of Fairy Stones from all over the world at Stone Cross Mountain Museum.

Get out to explore Martinsville-Henry County and see for yourself...

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