Martinsville, Virginia


"Old News" Is Good News At Piedmont Arts

Piedmont Arts is known for bringing first class artwork to Martinsville-Henry County. One current exhibit, "Old News," is no exception. This exhibit features the critically acclaimed work of Martinsville native, Johnny Selman.  

The first section of the exhibit is a poster series created by Selman entitled "BBCx365." For this poster series, each day Selman used one headline from the BBC Morning News and turned it into a graphic poster. There are 365 posters representing a complete year from September 2010 through September 2011.

While the posters are graphically exciting, they also give powerful views on the political and social climate experience during that particular year. Selman says the purpose of his project was "to open the eyes of the American public to international current events not often covered in our ‘domesticated' news programming." 

The other section of the exhibit features illustrations that Selman created for the New York Times. Printed in the paper between 2011 and 2013, these illustrations and designs are powerful images of a variety of topics in American culture. Come by Piedmont Arts to enjoy the graphic and powerful "Old News" exhibit by Johnny Selman. 

While at Piedmont Arts, be sure to also visit "Six Word Project" and make a thought-provoking work of your own.