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Dangermuffin On Sale Now and Relive the Magic of RW12

By: Rooster Walk

August 12, 2022

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Dangermuffin On Sale Now and Relive the Magic of RW12

Rives on the Road presents Dangermuffin with The Wilson Springs Hotel

Saturday, October 1, 2022
Located at Pop's Farm, home of Rooster Walk Music Festival. (Address of venue: 675 Hobson Road, Axton, VA)

Camping options available (car camping + RV). Cabins also available. Tickets Here

Gates to campers open at 4pm.
Gates open to noncampers at 6pm.

Music starts at 8pm.

Tagged every style from jamband and southern rock to acoustic folk and bluegrass, Dangermuffin has consistently shattered all categorizations and defied pigeonholing. While “Roots-Rock Americana” might be the most fitting and recurring label for the band, no designation perfectly characterizes Dangermuffin and its sound. As both Lotti and Sandifer assert: We’re the American Experience, which is a melange of styles, including roots, rock, bluegrass, reggae, island, and many other influences. We’re multi-genre.

While it may be futile to try to define Dangermuffin’s sound, it is possible to pinpoint the themes that inspire much of band’s music, and perhaps no theme is as prominent and consistent as nature, including the ocean, the sun, and the mountains…all ancient and powerful and capable of immeasurable and profound healing. These ideas, running like threads through almost every Dangermuffin album, together form the basis of some of the band’s most deeply held principles and teachings: respect the earth, stay open to the universe, and strive for healing. Not coincidentally, according to Lotti, if Dangermuffin’s music could accomplish just one thing, it would be to heal.

Hailing from all parts of Virginia, The Wilson Springs Hotel is rooted in country, folk, and bluegrass. They released their self-titled debut album in the fall of 2021, and are set to tour throughout 2022. The music plays into the traditional roles within the genres, but is also taken to a unique sound that simply is The Wilson Springs Hotel. New Grass, Rockabilly, Country Rock, the list doesn’t really end. The Wilson Springs Hotel are Jacob Ritter (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Victor McManus (electric guitar, banjo), Brendan Boylan (fiddle), Sebastien Richard (bass), and Pat Bowdring (drums).

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