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Wednesday September 12, 2018

Smith River Small Towns Business District Revitalization Project

Update – September 2018

The Smith River Small Towns Business District Revitalization Project is quickly approaching an overall 65% completion.  This time last year the designs for this work were being finalized and eligible property owners were reviewing.  Since then the project has experienced numerous unexpected delays ranging from property owner application submittals to material delays to significant cost overruns.  Fortunately, these issues are being resolved and the pace has picked up.  The latest summary of work is as follows:

Bassett Revitalization

44 Sunset - before façade improvements:


44 Sunset – completed façade improvements:


Façade improvements to eight previously identified units of which to date two units are complete, five units are seventy-five percent complete and one unit will have work completed later this fall due to the contractor’s schedule.  Façade improvements consist of repair and/or replacement of storefront systems including windows and doors, repair of brick and mortar, repair and/or replacement of siding, painting, lighting improvements, installation of canopies, etc. 


168 – 188 Reed Stone Street – before removal of panels:

168 – 188 Reed Stone Street – historic brick façades revealed after removal of panels:     



168 – 188 Reed Stone Street – 75% completion of façade improvements:  


Bassett Train Depot Renovations – roof replacement:


Bassett Train Depot Renovations – interior and exterior work:




Renovation of the Bassett Train Depot is roughly fifty percent complete. 


Fieldale Revitalization

Fieldale streetscape – renovation of the Fieldale Recreation Center grounds is ninety-nine percent complete. Work completed included demolition of old sidewalks and installation of new sidewalks, removal of old diseased shrubs and trees, installation of new shrubs, trees and landscaping, installation of one bike rack and four picnic tables, installation of ADA curb ramps, installation of six streetlights with banner poles and electrical outlets, repair and resurface of old tennis courts and conversion to multi-use surface for basketball, tennis and volleyball, installation of new fencing, installation of a covered stage and a multi-use surface in front of the stage, as well as the manufacture and installation of a community sign. 

Fieldale Recreation Center – before and during grounds improvements:


Fieldale Recreation Center – completed improvements:




Work in Progress 

Bassett Revitalization:   The façade work on the Reed Stone Street units is at seventy-five percent complete.  Remaining façade improvements include installing two lights, installing the exterior sealant system on one end wall, re-touching exterior stain, and some minor construction work.

The Bassett Train Depot renovation is on-going and will require an extension of time to complete construction.  The extension will be needed due to the length of time for ordered items to arrive on-site.

Bids received for the Bassett streetscape improvements, including the town greens, exceeded estimated and budgeted amounts.  Even after working with property owners and significantly reducing the amount of proposed work, the end result as currently proposed moves Bassett Town Green #2 to a later phase and the design and construction of Bassett Town Green #1 to be funded by a combination of private funds and grant funds remaining.  After months of continuous negotiation, this is the best option to ensure completion of phase 1 within the project budget and project completion dates.

Fieldale Revitalization:  The final work to be completed within the Fieldale Business District consists of façade improvements to participating businesses along Marshall Way.  Bids have been received and are currently in negotiation.  The goal for this work is for the Board of Supervisors to award a construction contract at their September meeting releasing the contractor to begin work.   



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