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Friday May 15, 2020

We all love MHC and we love a feel-good story. This week’s story features Tammy's Grill

"Before we shut the unit down to have new fryers installed, it was laid on my heart to do something for our first responders. We are looking to serve our local nurses, fire departments, police stations, truck drivers, and even funeral homes. The plan is to serve 3pc tender combos (comes with fries and drink) with your favorite sauce. The price will be $5 per meal, that's $2.50 off the original price." said Naquias Johnson. Tammy's Grill sponsored the first 100 meals. They were looking for anyone or any businesses that may be interested in sponsoring a few meals for our first responders. They pulled up at these establishments, serving them fresh hot food. So far, they have been able to serve numerous businesses around MHC such as: Henry County Sheriffs Office, Stanleytown Health & Rehab and The Children's Medical Center, just to name a few. Tammy's has been able to serve over 1200 tenders and feeding over 400 Dr's, Nurses, and Staff!

 To read more, click HERE.

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