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Tuesday March 6, 2012

Meet a Martinsville Insider: Jim Taipalus. As the General Manager of the Martinsville Mustangs, you'll find Jim doing a variety of tasks at Hooker Field from greeting fans and ordering souvenirs to mentoring summer interns and organizing publicity events for the team. Once in a while you might even catch him participating in a dizzy bat race against Marty the Mustang, the team's beloved mascot! Here are Jim's tips for getting the most out of a visit to Martinsville-Henry County...

Where do you take your friends and family when they come to town?

"My family loves to golf, so we always go down to Forest Park. It's a long, challenging course with great scenery."

Where do you go to enjoy sports and recreation?

"I really like going to the Smith River Sports Complex and playing some flag football or when the weather is bad, I go to Baseball Heaven and see if I can still swing a baseball bat."

 What is the best-kept secret in Martinsville-Henry County?

"The fishing! I love to fish and there are so many places to fish in Martinsville- Henry County. Don't ask where my fishing spots are because that truly is a secret."

What is the most interesting tidbit about the Martinsville Mustangs?

"A lot of people attending the games really don't understand how great and affordable our food is. Our food and drink prices are better than most places in town and there is nothing like great food and entertainment for an outstanding price."

Get out to explore Martinsville-Henry County and see for yourself...


Tags: Insider's Tips, Martinsville Mustangs, Smith River Sports Complex