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Tuesday March 20, 2012

Meet a Martinsville Insider, Tonya Bredamus. As a stay at home mother of four, a blogger and community volunteer, Tonya stays very busy. She enjoys spending free time out on the trails, geocaching and doing fun things with her family. Here are her tips for enjoying Martinsville-Henry County... 

Where do you take friends and family when they come to town?

"When we have visitors come into town I love to give them a tour of Martinsville which includes walking around Uptown* and looking in the shops. We end the trip with a stop at Binding Time and Rising Sun Breads."

What places do your kids like to visit and why?

"My kids love the Blue Ridge Regional Library. They also enjoy going to the Discovery Room at Piedmont Arts because they can paint and draw on the chalkboard walls."

What is the best-kept secret in Martinsville-Henry County?

"The people here are the best-kept secret in Martinsville. I've lived in Florida, Chicago, Kansas and Roanoke. I've never met nicer, friendlier people than the people I've met in Martinsville. I would also have to say that Chick-Fil-A's curbside service is a little known secret. I have their number programed into my phone. You call them up and they bring it to your car at the back of the mall."

What's the best part of raising a family in Martinsville-Henry County?

"The thing I like most about raising a family in Martinsville is the sense of community here. People here genuinely care about you and your family. I also love that the cost of living in Martinsville is such that you can afford to stay home and raise your children on one income. Lastly, I love all of the free outdoor things we can do in Martinsville. Recently, my husband and daughter have been riding their bikes to have daddy/daughter dates at Binding Time and Rising Sun Breads."

What are your top Martinsville-Henry County dining spots and why?

"We love to eat at Wild Magnolia on our date nights. Their food is excellent and you can find some things you can't find anywhere else, like bison burgers and sweet potato fries. As a family we often enjoy eating at our local Chick-Fil-A."

Tell us about your favorite place(s) to shop in Martinsville-Henry County.

"My favorite places to shop are Junkbabies for antiques and Pieces for trendy new fashions."

*HOT TIP: Pick up a free walking tour guide of Uptown Martinsville at the MHC Visitor Center.  

Get out to explore Martinsville-Henry County and see for yourself...


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