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Monday March 11, 2013

Visit the Smith River Sports Complex this weekend for some high flying Ultimate Frisbee action at the Virginia is for Layouts Tournament! 


Saturday, March 16th

8:30-10:15 Fundamentals Workshop

Notre Dame A v. William & Mary (F1)
Cornell A v. Davidson (F2)
JMU v. Wellesley (F3)
Smith A v. Swarthmore (F4)
Elon v. Williams A (F5)
Notre Dame B v. Cornell B (F6)
HB Woodlawn v. Tufts BX (F7)
Williams B v. Tufts BY (F8)
Smith B v. Penn B (F9)

12:00 -1:45
Notre Dame A v. JMU (F1)
Cornell A v. Smith A (F2)
Elon v. Notre Dame B (F3)
Smith B v. HB Woodlawn (F4)
Tufts BY v. Dartmouth B (F5)

Cornell A v. JMU (F1)
Notre Dame A v. Elon (F2)
William & Mary v. Wellesley (F3)
Davidson v. Smith A (F4)
Swarthmore v. Williams A (F5)
Notre Dame B v. Tufts BX (F6)
HB Woodlawn v. Tufts BY (F7)
Williams B v. Cornell B (F8)
Penn B v. Dartmouth B (F9)

3:45­-4:30 Skills Clinic 

4:30-­5:15 Skills Clinic

5:30-­6:30 Showcase Game


Sunday, March 17th

Notre Dame A v. Davidson (F1)
Cornell A v. William & Mary (F2)
JMU v. Williams A (F3)
Smith A v. Wellesley (F4)
Elon v. Swarthmore (F5)
Notre Dame B v. HB Woodlawn (F6)
Williams B v. Penn B (F7)
Cornell B v. Tufts BX (F8)

Notre Dame A v. Cornell A (F1)
JMU v. William & Mary (F2)
Davidson v. Swarthmore (F3)
Wellesley v. Elon (F4)
Williams A v. Smith A (F5)
Williams B v. Notre Dame B (F6)
Cornell B v. Dartmouth B (F7)
Smith B v. Tufts BX (F8)
Penn B v. HB Woodlawn (F9)

Notre Dame A v. Wellesley (F1)
Cornell A v. Elon (F2)
JMU v. Smith A (F3)
William & Mary v. Swarthmore (F4)
Davidson v. Williams A (F5)
Williams B v. Smith B (F6)
Tufts BX v. Penn B (F7)
Tufts BY v. Notre Dame B (F8)
Dartmouth B v. HB Woodlawn (F9)

Notre Dame A v. Smith A (F1)
JMU v. Elon (F2)
Cornell B v. HB Woodlawn (F3)
Smith B v. Tufts BY (F4)
Dartmouth B v. Notre Dame B (F5)

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