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Friday December 20, 2013

This story is the fifth in a series of posts called "December Discoveries". Through the eyes of our staff and a few guest bloggers, the posts will shed light on fun activities to enjoy, new exhibits to experience and the interesting stories behind some of our local businesses. Whether you are discovering these attractions for the first time or rediscovering an old favorite, we hope that you enjoy the series. 

What makes a coffee shop more than just a coffee shop? Is it possible to visit a coffee shop that Binding Time Cafe Cup will not only please your taste buds, entertain your mind and make you feel as comfortable as being at home? If you visit Binding Time Café, then the answer is yes.

Binding Time Café is located in the Druid Hills Shopping Center and features a huge coffee mug on the side of the building which serves as a beacon to guide you to your perfect cup of coffee! It's not only the products and goods that I enjoy, but the relationship you build with the owners, John and Bonnie Hale. Whether it's your first, second or 50th visit, they have a way to make you feel not only like a valuable customer but as a friend. Binding Time Café is a prime example of how small business plays a big role in not only Martinsville-Henry County, but in every town across the country.  

Don't let the name fool you; there is way more to Binding Time Café than just great coffee, drinks and breakfast pastries. Those are all fabulous too though! An amazing lunch line-up is also available. Be in the know by following Binding Time Café on Facebook to learn what's being served daily for lunch. My personal favorite day to visit is Wednesday, better known to me as "Potato Soup Day!" If you are a potato soup fan, you will be blown away with theirs! If you have a sweet tooth- they have you covered any time of the day. Whether it be a delicious pastry or muffin for breakfast, or a mid-day iced coffee treat or Homestead Creamery ice cream for and afternoon pick-me-up, you won't be disappointed.  

Books for Sale at Binding Time Cafe

What's more? If you are a reader/book-lover, Binding Time Café also sells new and used books, including books and novels from local and regional authors. The Café also hosts an annual Spring and Fall Book Festival where you can meet such authors. Book-signings are also 

Visit today and discover what makes this little café a big treasure.common at Binding Time. Be sure to watch the VisitMartinsville calendar for their next book signing event or book festival.

You'll Love the Pace!

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