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Thursday January 15, 2015

This is the final of a three part series designed to share a variety of fun and unique things for families to do during the colder months in Martinsville-Henry County.

We are moving further along into winter. Are you still having fun with our “Winter Fun” suggestions? Next, we would like to feature the wonderful community asset that is the Blue Ridge Regional Library on Church Street. Sure, we know the importance of a community library and the basic resources that can be discovered there. However, you may not be aware of the exciting Family Fun Zone! “It’s free, it’s fun, it’s like a family vacation!”

The Family Fun Zone is composed of Cyberland, Adventureland, Playland, Storyland and Knowledge Island. Cyberland allows children to blast off into the age of technology on child-sized computers loaded with over thirty fun-filled, educational games. Adventureland offers hundreds of DVDs and videos that are available to borrow. Playland is filled with lots and lots of toys that allow children to set their imaginations free and play together with friends and parents. Children love the train table, the variety of ride on toys and playing with the puppets. Storyland is a perfect space for families to cuddle up and get lost in a story together. Finally, Knowledge Island is a parent and teacher resource center to help you answer difficult challenges, such as the “terrific” twos!

The next time your family are searching for a way to spend time together and have fun and bond, remember all of the resources that are available at the Family Fun Zone located inside the Blue Ridge Regional Library - Martinsville.



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