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Dino Festival is this Friday and Saturday!

Crowds roaring into the museum on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days) for Dino Festival will be greeted by an awesome assortment of life-size cast skeletons, real dinosaur fossils, presentations by renowned paleontologists, as well as dino-themed activities and crafts, including dino art, balloon animals, and face painting! Fossils and casts will be provided by the Virginia Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of Natural History, Appalachian State University, University of Lynchburg and the North Carolina Fossil Club!


Platecarpus tympaniticus (NEW!)
A 17 foot long cast skeleton of a massive sea serpent or reptile that lived 81 to 84 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. This animal once swam in waters that covered what is now the central United States. Platecarpus tympaniticus is a species of mosasaur; if you've seen either of the Jurassic World movies, this skeleton will definitely look familiar!

A large, plant-eating dinosaur distinguishable by its large frill and three horns that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, from approximately 68 to 66 million years ago.

A large, plant-eating dinosaur distinguishable by two rows of bony plates on its back. It lived during the Late Jurassic period, from approximately 155 to 150 million years ago.

A massive, carnivorous theropod dinosaur that existed in what is now North America during the Early Cretaceous period, from approximately 125 million to 100 million years ago.

Allosaurus (pictured)
A large, carnivorous theropod dinosaur of the Late Jurassic period, from approximately 155 to 150 million years ago.

Dromaeosaurus (skull) (NEW!)
A medium-sized carnivore that lived in what is now the western United States and Alberta, Canada during the Late Cretaceous from approximately 77 to 74 million years ago.

Albertosaurus (skull) (NEW!)
A genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaurs that lived in western North America during the Late Cretaceous Period, from approximately 70 million years ago.

Edmontosaurus (skull) (NEW!)
A genus of duck-billed dinosaur that lived in western North America during the Cretaceous Period approximately 73 to 66 million years ago.

Dunkleosteus (skull) (NEW!)
An armored fish from a group of fish called placoderms that lived approximately 360 to 380 million years ago.


Beyond the spectacular displays, the festival will boast an abundance of dinosaur fossils, including the only fossil evidence that Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops engaged in battle!

$5/ages 3-18
Free for children under 3
Free for museum members
Free for members of ASTC Passport participating institutions
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