Martinsville, Virginia


Explore Geocaching Through Martinsville-Henry County

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game that uses GPS-enabled devices such as smartphones to discover hidden containers scattered across communities, the country and around the world. To play, you simply navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache, or container, that is hidden at that location. Geocaches come in different shapes and sizes and the difficulty of finding them varies. According to, there are over 210 geocaches to be discovered in Martinsville-Henry County!

To begin discovering geocaches yourself, simply log on to, register for your free account, choose the geocache that you want to find and begin your hunt! What you will find will vary, but be sure to sign the log book inside and log the find into your account. Explorers before you may have even left behind a trinket just for you and if you like, you can leave a little something behind for the next. After discovering and logging the geocache, be sure to hide it exactly the way you found it.

There are 2,686,819 geocaches around the world and August 15, 2015 is International Geocaching Day; making it the perfect day to get outside, find new geocaches and even introduce the game of geocaching to someone new. Be sure to post your photos to Instagram with the hashtags #Geocaching15 and #VisitMartinsville.

Geocaching is fun for everyone and can be enjoyed year-round! Aren’t you curious if there’s one around you right now?