Martinsville, Virginia


Feel-Good Fridays - April 3rd

We all love MHC and we love a feel-good story. This week’s story features a local small business and some of the store’s generous supporters. Today we are talking about our local book store, Books and Crannies

Over the course of the last few weeks the store saw two of its regular patrons and one new one, support the local business while paying it forward! Those three patrons each purchased, and gifted, gift certificates to the store for someone else to use.

Store owner DeShanta Hairston says, "Those acts of kindness reinforced my belief in the people of our community. It makes me feel like I have a true purpose in life with this bookstore when people are willing to make such contributions so other people can read books for free. That is what community is all about." 

Please note that these gifted funds have already been claimed. 

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