Martinsville, Virginia


Fishing At Its Finest

Fishing - 5 years old

When planning to write a blog in celebration of National Fishing Week, I was immediately transported back to the age of five. I have vivid memories of my stepfather taking me to fish with my Donald Duck fishing pole. He was great about taking the time to teach me the ins and outs of fishing, and would take me regularly to fish, even if I was the only one my siblings who wanted to go. I was impatient at that age, but there was something about fishing that I absolutely loved. It was probably a combination of enjoying nature, bonding with my family, and of course, the thrill of catching a fish.

As I grew older, I discovered more and more ways to fish. Various bobbers, lures, and bait could be used depending on the catch I was going for. I was fortunate enough to have wide variety of fishing experiences. With the exception of saltwater fishing, our local area had all you could hope for in order to have a great day of fishing. We would visit local ponds, rivers, and lakes and catch bluegill, catfish, bass, and more.

As an adult, I still love to fish and try to go as often as possible. I am very lucky that the Martinsville-Henry County area is home to some fantastic fishing destinations. The 3,000 acres of the beautiful Philpott Lake is one of my absolute favorites. I am partial to bass and catfish fishing, so the lake is the perfect location, as they are plentiful. If you are planning a fishing adventure in MHC, most of the day use areas charge a very small entry fee, so it is great for your pocket. You can also bring your own boat, fish the lake, and make use of the brand new Philpott Marina which offers a fuel slip, store, picnic area, and more.

Fly Fishing - Smith River

If you prefer fly fishing the Smith River is a wonderful Martinsville-Henry County destination. Henry County's Smith River is well known to the seasoned angler for its Brown Trout. Rainbow trout have also been stocked in the river which adds to the available angling opportunities. With 10 different access points and 44.5 miles of river, it is easy to find the perfect spot to cast your fly in the Smith River. If you prefer, Smith River Outfitters offers professional river guide services for fishing on the Smith River and surrounding streams and rivers.

Come to Martinsville-Henry County to celebrate National Fishing Week! With a variety of species available at numerous destinations, your are sure to have a fishing trip to remember. Grab your rod and tackle box and experience fishing at its finest.

Don't have the equipment to get started or left it at home? Don't worry! Participate in our local fishing tackle loaner program where you can rent a pole and stocked tackle box for 24 hours for free. Philpott Lake locations include: Philpott Lake Visitor Center, Bowens Creek Park, Goose Point Park, Salthouse Branch Park, Horseshoe Point Park, and Fairy Stone State Park. If you want to be closer to the river, stop by the Bassett or Martinsville Branches of the Blue Ridge Regional Library.