Martinsville, Virginia


Lattes & Llamas

I love my coffee and I love animals. How about you? Well, if you answered yes and you are looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday, just grab a coffee and head to the ranch!

Step 1: Pick a café to grab your favorite drink!   
Daily Grind Coffeehouse – Martinsville
Railway Café – Bassett
Sweet Cakes Bakery- Collinsville

Step 2: Pick your favorite animal. In other words, which animals do you want to hang out with today?!
Llamas - @Infinity Acres & @Stonehaus Farms
Goats- @Infinity Acres & @Stonehaus Farms
Emu- @Stonehaus Farms
Camels- @Infinity Acres
Owl- @Infinity Acres
Donkeys- @Stonehaus Farms
Ducks- @Stonehaus Farms
Snakes- @Infinity Acres
Peacocks- @Infinity Acres & @Stonehaus Farms
Tortoises- @Infinity Acres & @Stonehaus Farms

Step 3: Have Fun & tag us @VisitMartinsville on Insta & Facebook!

To learn more about these venues, got to