Martinsville, Virginia


Leftover Salmon at the Rives Theatre this Fall

Join us Thursday night, Nov. 16th, for Leftover Salmon at the Rives Theatre in downtown Martinsville. The concert, one of nine shows in Leftover's very special "Acoustic Living Room Tour," will be part of the Artisan Cafe Series at the Rives. Non-Artisan Cafe members can purchase tickets for $25 in advance from this link, or for $30 at the doors of the Rives on show night.

Tickets will be sold locally at the Daily Grind and Rising Sun Breads very soon, but for now they are only available online at the link above.

The concert will feature Leftover's full array of instruments: Guitar, Banjo, mandolin, keys, bass and drums.

For the past quarter-century, Colorado’s Leftover Salmon has established itself as one of the great purveyors of Americana music, digging deep into the well that supplies its influences; rock ‘n’ roll, folk, bluegrass, Cajun, soul, zydeco, jazz and blues.

During their twenty-five plus years as a band they have headlined shows and festivals from coast to coast, released nine albums, and maintained a vibrant, relevant and influential voice in the music world. The evolution of Leftover Salmon’s music is influenced by Leftover Salmon co-founders Drew Emmitt (mandolin/vocals) and Vince Herman‘s (guitar/singer) keen musical instincts, and follows a musical path that adheres to the deep tradition the duo started when they first formed the group along with deceased banjo player Mark Vann.

The addition of new band members over the years has nurtured an unmistakable evolution and freshness in Leftover Salmon’s sound, and has added an edge to the long-lasting power of the band’s music. Fueled by the rhythm section of long time bassist Greg Garrison, drummer Alwyn Robinson, and Salmon’s newest member, keyboardist Erik Deustch, the band is currently enjoying a creative renaissance.