Martinsville, Virginia


Livy’s Ice Cream Shop's Grand Opening

The Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce and Homestead Creamery celebrated the official grand opening of Livy’s ice cream shop Friday.

Surrounded by family, friends and those who made the opening of Livy's possible, owner Rodney Billings cut the ribbon at the celebratory ceremony.

"It is an exciting day here at Livy's, we had a lot of great folks here and it was an honor to have the president, CEO and even the founder of Homestead Creamery right here in Southside," Billings said.

Livy's offers Homestead Creamery's award-winning, old-fashioned, hand dipped ice cream and milk.

"We are very excited about today. To have our ice cream showcased down here in Martinsville, Collinsville area is just awesome. Rodney's done such a great job of presenting it too and he's taken it to a whole different level with the tin roof stuff and the sundaes. The pricing is excellent, so all the way around," Homestead Creamery President Mike Grisetti stated.

Homestead is known for its rich, flavorful ice cream made with minimally pasteurized milk to lock in the creamy texture and decadent flavor in every scoop.

Driving on Virginia Avenue, Livy's ice cream shop stands out with the old country store concept.

"The storefront, the way they presented it is awesome. We feel our ice cream is the way ice cream used to be and the way it should be. They are taking and making that picture for you. They are bringing this trailer and it makes it look old and the old wood. It brings us back to simpler times, which are fun times to share ice cream together and that's what it's about," Grisetti added.

"We decided to be open seven days a week. We don't believe anybody should ever go a day without ice cream," Billings added.