Martinsville, Virginia


Meet Aleen Wilson

Meet a Martinsville Insider: Aleen Wilson. As a retired chemist and one of the Glassy Chix, a group of female glass artists, at Studio 107, Aleen stays very busy. You'll find her in her studio daily working on commissioned projects and teaching private lessons or down the street at The Artisan Center leading classes for hobbyists and children in after-school programs. Aleen is an award winning artist but when she's not melting glass in a 1,400 degree kiln or wielding a hot soldering iron she's out enjoying the community with friends and family. Here are her insider tips for exploring Martinsville-Henry County. 

Where do you take friends and family when they come to town?

"I have 5 grandsons ages 6 to 10 and they love the Virginia Museum of Natural History, especially the museum's gift shop. They always come away with a new fact from exploring the museum that they must remember before they get to shop. The two grandsons that live here also like to swim at Fairy Stone State Park. I keep supplies for kids in the studio so they make several trips a year to do glass and other activities in art. Another thing about Martinsville they like and I do too, is to take a picture with one of the dinos on display around town to remember the visit."

What are your favorite Martinsville-Henry County Festivals?

"Smith River Fest is fun. I enjoy seeing how many people I never would have imagined like the great outdoors. The Fieldale Heritage Festival* is my favorite because of the strong community spirit. They come together to give folks a great day."

What is the most interesting tidbit about Studio 107?

"You never know what you might find!"

*Hot Tip: The Fieldale Heritage Festival has been named one of the Top 20 Events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society!

Get out to explore Martinsville-Henry County to see for yourself!