Martinsville, Virginia


Winter Wonderland

Seeing single digit and negative temperatures on the thermometer in Martinsville-Henry County, Virginia is rare! We're used to a more mild winter here, making this a great winter destination for northern visitors wanting to escape the cold. 

The good news is that this cold Fisher Damsnap will soon be over with temperatures returning to the 60's by the weekend. (Hiking, anyone?)

In the meantime, while we wait out this cold snap, mother nature has supplied us with some beautiful scenery to enjoy as frost has taken over the Smith River.  

The following photos, contributed by Brian Williams of Smith River Outfitters, were taken at Fisher Dam in Ridgeway, Virginia, just upstream of the Smith River's Marrowbone Creek River Access.

Frost around the creek edges, frozen rocks and ice coated branches tell the story of the chilly morning that we experienced here.  

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Marrowbone Creek     Marrowbone Creek