Martinsville, Virginia

Eat and Drink

Ridgeway Drive-In


Delicious food served with a smile is what you get at the Ridgeway Drive-In. There is a huge outside menu that shows exactly what's available and the price. You place your order at one window and pick up at another. No time to wait, give us a call and your order will be ready when you arrive. Our famous barbeque is to die for. Once you try it, you will agree. People drive for miles just to get one of our hotdogs. All of that for a hotdog, yes when they're the best in town. Any fast food item you can think of is here and prepared to order. If you aren't in too much of a rush enjoy our outside dining area, which allows you to enjoy your food while it's hot. Every ice cream fan in the world would give our milkshakes 5 stars. Our milkshakes are made from real ice cream and milk and then churned. The result is pure perfection. Mon-Sun