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Locality: Henry

Bassett Historical Center
3964 Fairystone Park Highway
Bassett, VA 24055

Driving Directions

"Flags of the American Revolution": How did the United States wind up with the Stars and Stripes as its flag? When the American Revolution began, we were not yet a unified nation, and we marched off to battle under many colorful banners. Explore how we chose the flag we have today, and that it was not Betsy Ross who designed it...

Eric Helms Monday will speak on 11 June at 10:30am in the Susan L. Adkins Memorial Meeting Room. Program is free to the public.

Eric's family roots in Southern Virginia begin in the 1740s. He attended UVA - undergraduate and law school, working at Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. Clerked for U.S. District Judge Jackson Kiser. Appointed Martinsville City Attorney, 2003. Served as chairman of Henry-Martinsville Board of Social Services; on Patrick County Economic Development Authority; as Patrick County Attorney; on boards of Local Government Attorneys of Virginia and Virginia Bar Association; as chairman of church deacons; on historical society, SPCA and country club; as president of trustees Carlisle School. General counsel for Blue Ridge Regional Airport Authority and Virginia Society of the SAR. Interests - history, travel, classic wooden motorboats and "piddling around" his family's 1841 Franklin County farm. He is married to Monica Taylor and has one son, Helms. They share their home with three spoiled rescue dogs.


Wheel Chair Access

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 (10:30 AM - 12:00 PM)

(276) 629-9191