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Locality: Henry

Hardee's (Stanleytown)
933 Fairystone Park Hwy
Stanleytown, VA 24168

Driving Directions

"The Hardee Bunch" invites everyone out on Tuesday mornings to enjoy Old Style Country & Gospel Music. The Jamboree started in 1994 as a birthday celebration for a member celebrating his 91st birthday. Because it was such a hit, the group decided to do meet each week to play.

Eleanor Kendrick, long time member and Hardee employee stated, "We don't know who will come to help sing or play, but we know everybody will join in." Little did she know that what started out with 5 singers and 1 guitar would now involve more than 25 individuals singing and playing instruments. Toe tapping, clapping, singing along and an occasional dancer is what you'll see.

The musicians set up in a corner to play and entertain special requests from the audience. Many people get up early to meet their extended family members for breakfast, coffee and music.


Wheel Chair Access

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 (8:00 AM - 10:00 AM)

Hardee's (Stanleytown): (276) 629-1122