Martinsville, Virginia

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Clift Street Mini-Playground

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Have you been planning a special day out for family or with friends? There's no time like the present. Set up a date to have that long overdue picnic at Clift Street Mini-Playground. Our picnic area is a perfect place to hold your next birthday party or family reunion. There are lots of amenities to make your visit very pleasant. There are benches around the park where you can sit and take a breather from daily activities. Or you may want to just relax while you watch others enjoying themselves. The playground will excite the little ones in your group or maybe some of the bigger as well. Everyone loves to see children having a great time and a great time indeed is what they'll have. The will swing so high, rock back and forth on the spring animal rockers or go up the climber. Your visit will be very enjoyable and well deserved.

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