Martinsville, Virginia

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Fayette Street Historic Marker

Heritage & History

Location: W. Market St.

Marker Text:
“Since the late 19th century, Fayette Street has been a gateway to the business, social, and cultural life of African Americans here.  Institutions such as Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church (founded in 1870), St. Mary's Hospital (1926–1952), Piedmont Christian Institute (1900–1934), and Imperial Savings and Loan (founded in 1929) were pillars of this community. A part of the street known as Baldwin's Block (1920s–1960s) represented the entrepreneurial spirit of the people. Dr. Dana O. Baldwin and his brothers founded the June German Ball, which was held at a number of venues here. This annual musical and dance festival hosted world-renowned African American musicians that played to regional audiences.”

Department of Historic Resources, 2005 | Primary ID: 4510 


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