Martinsville, Virginia

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Chatham Heights Recreation Area

Parks & Trails

Chatham Heights Recreation is located on 9 acres of land and is packed with amenities to entertain and occupy all. You'll be able to play sports, watch a game, visit the playground or have a family lunch or dinner using the picnic shelter. Restrooms are on site for your convenience. Athletic abilities will be tested on the multipurpose basketball/tennis court. Your friends can watch and cheer you on from the steel spectator stands. Everyone knows that a game isn't a game without the screams and advice from those who aren't participating. Children will be able to swing so high they'll touch the sky and go around on the merry-go-round so much that they won't be able to stand. They can build their leg and arm muscles as they adventure on the climber. Fun doesn't have to be expensive and at Chatham Heights, fun is what you'll get.

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