Martinsville, Virginia

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Patrick & Henry Community College (P&HCC) Trail Loop

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The Patrick & Henry Community College (P&HCC) Trail Loop of is approximately 3/4 of a mile long natural surface trail used for hiking and mountain biking. The trail begins with crushed rock and changes to a natural surface with slopes and rises with the steepest part being the final leg back to trailhead. The trail winds through a wooded area and one can catch a glimpse of the reservoir at every turn.

While on the trail you can enjoy all types of sounds from from cricket frogs chirping, geese honking, to the solitude of a family picnic at the picnic area. "Leave No Trace" concepts should be implemented by all trail users and users should stay to the right to allow others to pass safely. Trail damage should be reported to Martinsville Parks & Recreation.

Trail Amenities: 2 Picnic Tables, 3 Benches (Built by Boy Scout Troop 63)

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