Martinsville, Virginia

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Philpott Lake Fitness Interpretive Trail (FIT)

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The Philpott Fitness Interpretive Trail (FIT) combines exercise and fun. This trail is designed to intensify your workout. FIT, located at Philpott Lake, combines the best of both worlds: fitness and nature. It took the Corps of Engineers and Philpott Lake approximately 1 year to build the trail. The trail was constructed primarily to promote healthy living and to help with the growing obesity problems of today. It was designed to appeal to people of all ages and to encourage more physical activity. The 1.5 mile self guided trail is open year round and includes 20 exercise stations with workout options for advanced and beginner levels. Each station is predominantly made of wood and other natural substances in order to blend with the environment. The exercise at each station was chosen because they would give a really good workout.

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