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VisitMartinsville, under the umbrella of the Martinsville - Henry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), serves as an information broker, partnering with more than 300 tourism-related businesses to market our community to residents and visitors alike.

We work with you to supplement your marketing effort and promote your business, venue, or event to tourists, group tour leaders, event planners, and filmmakers. A variety of opportunities designed to enhance and promote new and existing tourism businesses are offered throughout the year. 

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2022 Virginia Tourism Fast Facts

  • Tourism in Virginia generated $30.3 billion in visitor spending
  • Tourism in Virginia directly sustains 210,721 jobs 
  • Tourism in Virginia provides $2.9 billion in state and local taxes
  • Virginia Tourism supported $8.6 billion in payroll

Source: 2022 Economic Impact of Visitors in Virginia, Tourism Economics

2022 Virginia Economic Impact Data Highlights


2022 Martinsville-Henry County Fast Facts

  • Tourism in MHC generated $70.4 million in domestic visitor spending
  • Domestic Travel-supported employees in MHC earned $20.5 million in worker income & paychecks
  • Tourism in MHC provides $4.9 million in combined state & local taxes
  • Tourism in MHC directly supports 787 jobs
  • Tourism spending saved each Martinsville - Henry County household approximately $176.25 in additional state & local tax collections 

Source: 2022 Economic Impact of Visitors in Virginia, Tourism Economics 

2022 Martinsville - Henry County Economic Impact Data Highlights 

2017-2022 Martinsville - Henry County Expenditures


Our Customers

We work with internal partners (businesses in the hospitality industry) and external customers (guests who choose to visit our community).