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Furniture Heritage

Since 1902, the manufacturing of furniture has played an important role in Martinsville - Henry County, Virginia. The Furniture Heritage phase of the Deep Roots campaign recognizes the contributions made to our community by area furniture manufacturers and the thousands of skilled craftsmen employed by them.


Featured Attractions

  • Furniture Heritage Plaza, located in Uptown Martinsville, represents the furniture heritage of our past as well as the artisans that continue to create beautiful and functional works of art today. Located at the current site of one of the world's largest chairs, this exhibit highlights the story of furniture manufacturing from it's very beginning.
  • A new, redesigned Big Chair was installed at the Furniture Heritage Plaza in Uptown Martinsville on December 29, 2020. The original Big Chair, made by Bassett Furniture Industries to celebrate its 100th anniversary, stood in the center of The Furniture Heritage Plaza in Uptown Martinsville from 2009 to 2013 when it was removed for in-depth maintenance. It was during this maintenance, that the chair was deemed unsuitable to reinstall outdoors.
  • Discover more about our rich heritage of furniture making and the entrepreneurial spirit in "Furnishing a Nation." Available for online viewing, this series of informative panels can also be viewed at the Martinsville - Henry County Heritage Center and Museum. 
  • "Manufacture of Furniture" is a 1939 Fresco by artist William Carnelli. Located in the Bassett Post Office, this art depicts the craftsmanship and dedication involved in making fine furniture. 
  • Drive through the community of Bassett Virginia on US 57 to see the locations of Bassett World Headquarters and the HGTV Design Studio. Not open to the public, these buildings are the epicenter of style and design for the Bassett and HGTV Home furnishing lines.

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