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Manufacture of Furniture - Mural at Bassett Post Office

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The "Manufacture of Furniture" is a public art mural painted by Walter Carnelli in 1939. The mural is located in the lobby of the historic Bassett post office. The Section of Fine Arts, a division of the WPA, under the Treasury Department funded the painting of the mural as well as other public art murals in other post offices across the state of Virginia. 

The mural is absolutely gorgeous and shows furniture workers hard at work. The "Manufacture of Furniture" mural was created using a fresco technique. With this technique, the artist painted the mural on freshly laid lime plaster using water as the means to create the pigment. As the plaster set and the pigments dried, the beautiful artwork became part of the actual wall.

Art lovers as well as history lovers are invited to stop by the Bassett post office to see this lovely piece of artwork that's full of detail and life.  

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