Martinsville, Virginia

Eat and Drink



Fenderz is the 1950's restaurant of the 20th Century. The decor takes you back to the days of Elvis and the Happy Days television show. The bright red painting and black and white highlights create a perfect 50's atmosphere. Because this is a restaurant you must see, stop by for lunch or dinner to get the best burger and fries in town.

Fenderz  uses fresh, hand-patted, beef patties topped with the freshest produce to deliver a taste of heaven to your table. Try our fabulous "Fender Bender" or "T-Bird". In addition to burgers, Fenderz has hotdogs, grilled cheese, BLT, chili dogs, salads and more. Side items include; fresh cut french fries, deep fried mushrooms and homemade onion rings. If you're not in the mood for rib sticking food, try the Homestead Creamery ice cream in a cone, cup, shake, malt, sundae or float. Service is available both inside and at the outdoor picnic area.

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