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Fairy Stones

Gather up the family and take them on an adventure to hunt for the legendary Fairy Fairy Stone Hunting
Stone! A Fairy Stone is a naturally occurring crystal that is found in only a few places on earth. The northwestern corner of Henry County at the border of Patrick County is one of those special places. Fairy Stones are made from staurolite crystals but they get their name from a special legend... 

"Many hundreds of years before Chief Powhatan’s reign, fairies were dancing around a spring of water, playing with naiads and wood nymphs, when an elfin messenger arrived from a city far away. He brought news of the death of Jesus Christ. When these creatures of the forest heard the story of the crucifixion, they wept. As their tears fell upon the earth, they crystallized to form beautiful crosses."

Anyone can find a Fairy Stone. It just takes a little patience and a good eye. Begin your adventure with a visit to Fairy Stone State Park, where you can pick up a brochure telling about the types of Fairy Stone formations and the full legend. 

Your next stop should be a gas station called the Fairy Stone Pitstop on Hwy 57. For returning visitors, this gas station was formerly known as "Haynes 57". Take a walk down the trail behind the gas station and keep your eyes on the ground for clusters of small stones. Each time it rains in this part of Virginia, more Fairy Stones are uncovered and released from the earth.

Most of the time, Fairy Stones will be embedded in other larger rocks but you can often gently sift through the red dirt to find loose ones as well. It is important to know that digging for Fairy Stones is prohibited. 

Here's a sneak peek at the fun of Fairy Stone hunting...







Where to Purchase Fairy Stones

Don't have enough time on your trip to go hunting? There are several places in the area where souvenir Fairy Stones can be purchased. 

What's your best tip for finding Fairy Stones? Contact us and we might post your suggestions here!