Martinsville, Virginia

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Giggling Creek Cottage

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Nestled adjacent to Reed Creek, is a small cottage full of rural charm. Decorated very intentionally with midcentury modern decor.

Welcome to Giggling Creek Cottage, where the nearby creek giggles with joy that you’ve come by.

The Land:
45 acres welcomes you and your family. Giggling Creek includes the acreage surrounding the cottage. Feel free to head into the hills for a walk while enjoying the fresh country air.

The Cottage:
The cottage itself was renovated in 2021 and some minor renovations are underway. we loved the eras of the 40s-70s, and made Giggling Creek Cottage as representative of that era, as possible without cutting corners on comfort. It comes equipped with a coffee machine for coffee lovers. A dedicated effort was made to consider the needs of guests and we invite you to check our reviews to see how we have performed for other guests.

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