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Cocoa Trail Chocolates LOVE Mural

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At Cocoa Trail, we LOVE chocolate and we LOVE Virginia! So, we decided to show it! When you visit the store, we welcome you to take a photo with our brightly colored LOVEwork that is proudly on display of the shop’s exterior wall. Local artist, Jessie Ward, made the mural come to life with her colorful spin. 

The LOVE mural has a Willy Wonka inspired theme (because of the owner’s love for the original movie growing up and in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original movie on June 30, 1971). The “L” is a version of Cocoa Trail Chocolates’ chocolate bar, inspired by the Wonka Bar. The “O” is inspired by our frog chocolate truffles, that our customers LOVE. The “V” is outlined by the state of Virginia. The “E” is bright and colorful with names of our products. The owner Brittany Agee came up with the overall design and with the help of her friend Erin Joyce to bring it to life and to put a colorful spin and crisp edges on the computer. Jessie Ward painted it. The mural was completed November of 2021 and grant funded by Virginia is for Lovers.

Artist Bio
Jessie Ward is an artist, blacksmith, and farrier. Her mediums of the past 50 years include paining, stained glass, and ironwork! Local murals that Jessie painted are the Elephants on Parade/Circus Mural and Cocoa Trail Chocolates’ LOVE Mural. But Jessie has painted all over the world, including a mural in a schoolhouse in the jungle of Tanzania.

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