Martinsville, Virginia

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Public Art Garden

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Experience the arts in the heart of Martinsville's Arts & Cultural District at the R.P. Gravely-A.J. Lester Art Garden. 

The Public Art Garden features:

  • the Historic Little Post Office
  • "Four Seasons" by Ed Dolinger
    • This 12 foot-tall tree sculpture has four uniquely designed sides, each representing one of the four seasons in vibrant, vivid colors, handpainted by the artist. It also incorporates a built-in chair, where visitors can sit and enjoy the Art Garden.
  • "Day In a Life" by Mark Wright
    • A collection of icons that represent the contributions to our world from the people of Martinsville-Henry County. It is a monument to recollections of the city’s heyday and to a community that peacefully shares diversity and brotherhood and thrives upon intelligent minds and sweat. Many of the pieces can be touched, moved and rotated, connecting the viewer to the work.
  • LOVEwork "O" by Jessie Ward
    • A sphere made of horseshoes hand-forged into the shape of hearts. It will eventually become the second letter in the museum’s own LOVEwork, a free-standing sculpture that spells out the word love. LOVEworks can be seen in many towns and cities in Virginia, & are an initiative of the Virginia Tourism Corporation to celebrate the Commonwealth’s motto, “Virginia is for Lovers."

Open to the public from dawn to dusk.

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