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Smith River Trout Fishing

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Henry County's Smith River is well known to the seasoned angler for its Brown Trout. The history of Brown Trout in the river dates to the mid-1950s when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the Philpott Dam and Reservoir. The cooler waters downstream proved ideal for the species and by the 1970s.The Smith River was proclaimed one of the best trout streams in the U.S. Rainbow trout have also been introduced to the river which adds to the available angling opportunities. The Rainbow appear not to reproduce and must be stocked. The Smith River Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been sponsoring a highly successful and acclaimed Trout in the Classroom Program. This is teaching environmental stewardship as well as sustaining the Brown Trout population. The 25-some odd miles of the Smith River in Henry County is ideal for fishing.

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