Martinsville, Virginia

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Textile Heritage Trail

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The Textile Heritage Trail is part of the extensive Smith River Trail System, a network of multi-use trails, river access points and parks designed for a variety of outdoor adventures. The trail is a quarter of a mile long and features a boardwalk. Enjoy biking, hiking, fishing and river access while learning more about Martinsville-Henry County and the Smith River. The trail system includes both natural surface nature trails and paved surface trails.

Experience our area’s rich textile heritage through six interpretive trail signs highlighting the founders and the major accomplishments made by textile companies in the area. Martinsville-Henry County was home to some of America’s most well-known textile manufacturing companies. The signs trace Martinsville-Henry County’s beginnings in the textile industry and carry us through to modern day.

The Textile Heritage Trail is part of Martinsville-Henry County’s Deep Roots initiative. The area is known as a destination with “Deep Roots,” where unique assets and rich legacies related to Furniture & Textiles, Motorsports, Outdoor Recreation and Cultural Arts offer exceptional visitor experiences. “Deep Roots” gives a respectful nod to Martinsville’s past, bringing relevance to the present by celebrating contributions, and providing a gift to the future with re-purposed activities and facilities.

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