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Gym 24 is a 24-hour fitness facility in Martinsville, VA. We are here to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals. Our combination of different types of fitness equipment and classes can meet your fitness needs and levels, from beginner to advanced.

At Gym 24, you’ll find all the latest strength and cardio equipment along with an energetic exercise program that includes Zumba, kickboxing, bootcamp, muscle building, and other cardio classes. You’ll find a supportive environment with all kinds of people who are working just as hard as you to meet their personal goals.

Our staff, trainers, and group exercise instructors are all committed to offering our members a great fitness experience. Whether you’re a mom looking to get back into pre-baby shape, a marathon runner trying to shave a few minutes off of your personal best, or just trying to stay healthy, we would love to help you reach your potential and meet your goals!

We have membership deals for singles, couples, corporate groups and more. Call for more details.

Join us and start improving your health and shape today!

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