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Timeless Beauty at a great value!

Ariel's is a boutique that specializes in women's apparel and is the place to shop when looking for quality merchandise with a little bit of flair. Since 1980, Ariel's has been providing quality clothing that grabs you by the heart when you walk through the door. Each item you see makes you feel like it is a must have. Whether you're selecting an outfit or looking for a piece to pair with something you already have, Ariel's is the place to find the unique to create a multi-purpose wardrobe.

Wardrobe consultations are free as well as gift wrapping and alterations. Simply bring in a piece that you're having trouble wearing because you feel it's not making the right statement and let Ariel's do the rest.Your one piece will be transformed into a dazzling outfit.

You get exceptional customer service 100% of the time at Ariel's along with specialty shopping assistance. A simple phone call will have your item boxed, wrapped and ready to go when you arrive.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm & Other Times by Appointment

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