Martinsville, Virginia

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Cocoa Trail Chocolates

Specialty Foods & Farm Products

Cocoa Trail Chocolates is a chocolate lovers paradise that manufactures and sells gourmet chocolates and fudges in a friendly environment that has a viewing window into the production area for all to see product being made on production days. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to make our products which will be immediately noticed once biting into a piece of our candy.

The menu consist of a variety of Truffle flavors that will catch the interest of anyone’s tastebuds. The Fudge has had rave reviews for it taste and variety of flavors. We also offer Chocolate covered products such as Peanut Butter, Pretzels, Grahams, Oreos, Peanuts, Espresso Beans, and even Gummies. We offer Tortugas (Spanish Turtles) which is a top seller. These caramel / chocolate covered pecans will make your tastebuds sing like an opera singer. Cocoa Trail offers many seasonal items like Pumpkin Spice products in the fall and many more. We can be followed on facebook to be informed on the changing line of products along with our regular products to get the heads up when they are going to be available.

Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable in the products and can help with product descriptions.



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