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Drivers... start your engines! Martinsville-Henry County, Virginia is home to Martinsville Speedway
a variety of motorsports including short track, motocross and dirt track but when you hear the name Martinsville, you think about NASCAR racing! 

Martinsville Speedway is NASCAR's oldest and shortest track. The track is legendary for it's Famous Martinsville Speedway Hot Dog and for the many records that drivers accomplished there. Two NASCAR Sprint Cup and Truck Series races are held at Martinsville Speedway each spring and fall and an annual Late Model Stock Car Race is held each fall. By 2017, Martinsville Speedway will be the first major motorsports venue in North America to feature LED lights. 

The track is open daily for free self-guided walking tours and you can contact the MHC Visitor Center for information on how your Group Tour can enjoy a thrilling bus ride around the track! 

Come experience the excitement for yourself!

Follow the steps on our Quick Start Guide for Race Fans

Discover the Deep Roots of Martinsville Speedway 

Parking & Traffic Plans - Egress Map 

"Forget high-definition television on a 55-inch screen, Martinsville racing is an in-your-face, up-your-base thrill ride. You can hear the tires squeal, feel the impact when drivers slam into the wall, and taste the smoke when engines detonate. Just watching the controlled chaos among crewmen during pit stops is worth the price of admission." - Allen Gregory, Bristol Herald Courier

"If you think NASCAR isn’t as authentic as it was 25 years ago and you haven’t been to the paperclip, start making your travel arrangements now. Your thoughts will be a lot different when you’re walking back to your car." - Nick Bromberg, From The Marbles

Continue exploring!

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