Martinsville, Virginia


Boat Race

Boat Race

2023 Boat Race:

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When: Saturday, August 19, 2023

Where: Smith River Fest, Monogram Foods Smith River Sports Complex, 1000 Irisburg Road, Axton, VA 24054

Registration: $20 per single entry / $30 per tandem entry

2022 Boat Race Results

Race Categories 

Awards are given in the following categories:

  • Racing Kayak Male
  • Racing Kayak Female
  • Rec Kayak Male (age 45 & under)
  • Rec Kayak Male (age 46 & up)
  • Rec Kayak Female (age 45 & under)
  • Rec Kayak Female (age 46 & up)
  • Solo Canoe Male
  • Solo Canoe Female
  • Tandem Kayak
  • Tandem Canoe
  • Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP)


River Safety

  • All boaters must wear a coast guard approved PFD (life jacket) when on the river.
  • Paddle with others if possible.
  • Carry a spare paddle.
  • When paddling in wind, stay close to the shore.
  • Use caution when launching or landing on slippery rocks or muddy areas.
  • If you capsize, stay calm. Hold onto boat and paddle and move to shallow water.
  • Do not attempt to stand up in moving water deeper than knee deep.

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