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Woodall's Music & Sound

We remember YOU after the sell!
We remember YOU after the sell!

Locality: Henry

2163 Virginia Ave
Collinsville, VA 24078

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Woodall's Music and Sound is a family owned business operating since 1991. We've built a solid reputation based on our quality service and product selection. Excellent service and ability to understand the needs and desires of musicians separate us from other competitors.

We provide customers a personal touch to include, in-store clinics, seminars, traveling to provide expert evaluation and fully satisfy customer needs. Our team is actively involved in community programs and events to promote our services and the Woodall's Music brand. We specialize in church and business audio/video sales and installation. We offer quality musical instruments, private music instruction, audio/video equipment and we're your local school band headquarters, with a great rent-to-own program. Reasonable prices and we fully service our products.

Opens: 10:00 AM
Closes: 6:00 PM

Woodall's Music: (276) 647-1973