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As Seen On

Did you know that our community has star power? Throughout the years, attractions, residents and businesses of Martinsville - Henry County, VA have been featured in various media types. The stars of our community have been featured on popular TV shows, channels and outlets that include “FLW Outdoors,” “The Motorhead Traveler,” Wheel of Fortune," ”Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” , QVC, CBS’s "The Amazing Race" and ABC’s "Extreme Makeover Home Edition” to name a few. But that should come as no surprise, because it is hard to overlook the talent and skill that so many Martinsville - Henry County residents possess. The beautiful scenery, gracious amenities as well as convenient location make Martinsville - Henry County a perfect location for filming.


TV & Film

"My Brother's Crossing" (2020) | Watch Video 
The Driver (2019) * | Learn More 
In A Day's Drive (2017)* | Watch Video 
"EVARB" (2016)
In A Day's Drive (2016)* | Watch Video
Living in the Heart of Virginia (2016)* | Watch Video
In A Day's Drive (2015)* | Read More
In A Day’s Drive (2014)* | Read More
NASCAR on Fox (2014)* 
The Motorhead Traveler (2013)*
In  A Day’s Drive (2013)* | Watch Video
FLW Outdoors (2012)* | Read More Watch Video
The Motorhead Traveler (2012)* | Read More Watch Video
In A Day’s Drive (2012)* | Read More | Watch Video
“We are the Giant” (2011)* | Film Trailer
World Progress Report- Virginia Museum of Natural History (2011) | Read More
Wheel of Fortune (2011) | Read More
Extreme Makeover Home Edition (2010) | Watch Video
The Amazing Race (2009) | Read More
"Talladega Nights: The Ballard of Ricky Bobby" (2006) 
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (2002) | Watch Video
QVC (1995) | Read More


Good Housekeeping (2019)
Woman's Day Magazine (2019) 
Wrangler Rugged Wear and Wrangler Pro Gear 2016 Spring Catalog (2015)* 
Wrangler Rugged Wear and Wrangler Pro Gear 2013 Spring Catalog (2012)* | Read More
Weird Virginia (2010) | Read More
Southern Living Magazine (2010)* | Read More
Volvo (2010)* | Read More


*Denotes projects assisted by the Martinsville - Henry County Film Office