Martinsville, Virginia


Bassett Historical Center presents John Bassett III and “Making it in America”

“Making it in America” is a 12 point plan for growing your business and keeping jobs at home by John Bassett III with Ellis Henican.  It is a business plan for running all types of American businesses and fighting the challenges of globalization.

John Bassett III is a third-generation factory man who went up against the global market to save his family furniture business.  He now employs hundreds of people at Vaughan-Bassett Furniture in Galax.

Ellis Henican is a long-time New York newspaper columnist, talk radio-host, and on-air commentator at the Fox News Channel.

Chairman of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company, Bassett led a successful battle to save hundreds of jobs and an entire Virginia community from vanishing because of the pressures of Asian competition and politics of globalization.  Saving 700 jobs wasn’t enough for Bassett, as he knew countless more American jobs could be saved. 

Bassett offers business leaders and managers five proven principles that work, plus dozens of lessons and anecdotes readers can apply to their businesses.  These are, too, life lessons for anyone.  John maintains that, while investing in technology is fine, it’s really all about the people on your team.  Entertaining and frankly patriotic, this is a unique leadership book about the dignity of hard work and strategies American businesses need.

Free and open to the public.