Martinsville, Virginia


Birding in Martinsville-Henry County

Birding in Martinsville-Henry County

Ahh, spring time! Have you been enjoying the sounds of birds chirping outside your window, or suddenly discovered that you thoroughly enjoy those soothing sounds? Maybe it’s a change of perspective from the course of the past year, but simple things such as the music of a bird, can create a new outlook on your day! Birding, or birdwatching, can be a very peaceful and educational pastime that can lead to new discoveries. Aren’t you curious to find out what birds have been entertaining your earbuds lately? Or, how many types of birds are present in your backyard?

Grab some binoculars, a notebook and pen, and of course your smartphone, and start your quest to identify and record as many birds as you can find! 

If you are looking for great spots, other than your backyard, the following locations are identified on, as Birding Hotspots in Martinsville – Henry County include: Bowens Creek Park, Collinsville Jaycee Park, Fisher Farm Park, Jack Dalton Park, Beaver Creek Reservoir, Patrick Henry Community College, Philpott Lake Recreation Area, Philpott Marina, Richard P. Gravely Jr. Nature Preserve, Smith River Access—Fieldale, the Smith River Sports Complex, and Turkeycock Mountain WMA.

Turkeycock Mountain is featured along the Virginia Bird & Wildlife Trail and you can find more information here.

And finally, another great resource to kickstart your quest is This site offers an incredible amount of information on birding, and also has a comprehensive lists of birds that have been spotted and recorded all over the world! You can even narrow down the records to any county in and any state, and also set the time range for anywhere from 1900 to 2021 in that specific county!   

Check out these incredible shots taken by Brian Stewart with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that we are calling “The Birds of Philpott!”

Go take a look and see what’s out there! Don’t forget to snag pictures and share them with us