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Wednesday October 7, 2015

Clint Bowyer traded in his race car for a go-kart and went head-to-head with Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell at Rush Hour Karting, just outside of Raleigh, in advance of the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 at Martinsville Speedway on November 1.

Before the race started, Bowyer issued a challenge to Campbell.

“If Clay beats me today, he’s going to have to race in the Goody’s Headache Relief Shot 500,” Bowyer joked. “If he can beat me here, he can certainly beat me there, I’d say.”

He also gave Campbell the secret to finishing ahead of him.

“He’s going to need a big bumper,” Bowyer said. “It’s a go-kart track, so he’s going to need a really big bumper.”

Bowyer was then reminded that bumping is against the rules.

“There’s gray areas every rulebook,” he said.

Bowyer went on to talk about Martinsville Speedway’s place as the only short-track in The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

“Martinsville; there’s a little bit of a wild-card scenario there, because so much can happen on that short track,” Bowyer said. “That’s the neat thing that we all love about these short-tracks. The racing is extremely hard, extremely close. The demand on these race cars is through the roof.”

As for the race at Rush Hour, Campbell won’t have to start at Martinsville, as Bowyer edged him out.

“It was a lot of fun,” Campbell said. “It’s difficult. It’s got a few more turns that Martinsville has.

“Clint got behind me and he worked me over pretty good, but I’ll get him back.”

Racing returns to Martinsville Speedway for the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® ® 500 weekend October 30 – November 1.

Adult ticket prices for the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 start at $45. Seats in the Bill France Tower are only $50.

Ticket prices increase the week of the race.

The Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 is the first race in the Eliminator Round of The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

Tickets to the Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500  on November 1, the Kroger 200 on October 31 and the Virginia Lottery Pole Day on October 30 are on sale and can be purchased by calling 1.877.RACE.TIX or purchased online at www.martinsvillespeedway.com.

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