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Tuesday April 19, 2016

For those that didn't make it to Dippers Ice Cream in April for their first ever "Flight Night" - you missed a real treat!

Have no fear though, the VisitMartinsville Team was on hand to share the details with you. 

First of all, what is a "flight night?" The term flight is commonly heard in brewery taprooms and wineries but is quickly expanding throughout the worldwide culinary scene.

A "flight" is defined as a set of small samples that are served at the same time for comparative tasting.

In a nutshell, the small samples allow you to try multiple flavors of a product in one sitting and in moderate quantities. These events are sprouting up across the globe in metropolitan areas and we're proud to have one of our own right here in Martinsville-Henry County. 

The Dippers Flight Night experience is just that...an experience. When we arrived, the manicured lawn at Dipper's was filled with round tables that were elegantly covered in black tablecloths and topped with rustic lanterns.

On each table was a small metal bucket full of the most amazing waffle cone chips. Freshly baked at Dippers each day, the smell of these chips alone will send you over the moon. 

As Tracy Cox, Dipper's owner and culinary genius, greeted the crowd of participants, she explained that the flight night offered an opportunity for us to explore new flavors, test out different combinations of toppings and enjoy playing with our food. Because after all, the Dipper's Ice Cream experience is all about fun! 

Tracy also explained that the flavors we would try during the flight were brand new combinations that had never been offered on the menu before. Each month, "Flight Night" participants will have the exclusive first chance to try new flavors before anyone else. How cool is that?

Note to self: get tickets early next month before they sell out!

For this particular Flight Night, we were served four flavors of ice cream on an adorable chalkboard paddle that held the sample cups. Chocolate Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Dulce de Leche, Turtle Cheesecake and Orange Blossom Honey Vanilla were the featured flavors.

My personal favorite was the Orange Blossom Honey Vanilla. It was light and creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness, and I loved the fact that it featured local honey. Farm to table goodness! 

The ice cream flavors were amazing, but then there was a also toppings bar for flavor enhancement. Cardamon praline almonds, fresh cardamon whipped cream and Himalayan pink sea salt were on hand for us to sprinkle on the flavors.

I absolutely loved the sea salt with the Dulce de Leche. The sweet and salty flavor together were amazing and the salt added just the right amount of texture. 

Everyone enjoyed sampling the flavors while mixing and matching the toppings. Lemon and orange infused waters were offered as palate cleansers between the samples, and the fresh waffle chips were great for dipping in the ice creams. 

A custom cupcake bar was also on the menu for the flight night. Participants had their choice of cupcake flavors, filling flavors and icings.

The Dippers staff used large piping tubes full decadent ganaches to fill the inside of each cupcake with your choice of flavors.

I chose a vanilla cupcake with a rich dulce de leche filling and cardamon icing on top. Oh my, it was good!

I enjoyed having the opportunity to experiment with different flavors that I might not ordinarily choose on my own for a dessert. 

The atmosphere was relaxing and fun. As the sun set on this lovely spring evening, everyone mingled while testing out the flavors and comparing what their favorite combinations were.

Attending a Dippers Flight Night event is perfect for a date night, friend's night out or just an excuse to escape your normal routine. For an hour, we were seriously transported to another place: a place full of new flavors and unique pairings to expand our culinary horizons. As a result, Martinsville-Henry County is a trendier place to live because of that.

Thank you Dippers Ice Cream. We'll definitely see you again at the next Flight Night! 

Save the date for May 26!


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