Martinsville, Virginia


DRBA Honored by South Atlantic Division Corps of Engineers

The Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) was recently presented with the "2011 US Army Corps of Engineers, South Atlantic Division Excellence in Partnership Award." Craig "Rocky" Rockwell, Operations Project Manager of Philpott Lake, presented the award to DRBA at a recent board meeting in Eden, NC.

In November 2011, the staff at Philpott Lake nominated DRBA for the Corps' national Excellence in Partnership award in recognition of DRBA's integration into the environmental stewardship, environmental education, recreation, and overall public perception of Philpott Lake. DRBA was chosen as the Wilmington District nominee to the South Atlantic Division competition. DRBA went on to be chosen as the division's nominee to the national level -- one of seven nominations from across the country.

Although DRBA did not win the national competition, the South Atlantic Division awarded DRBA its first-ever regional award. In presenting the award, Rockwell read the concluding statement from the original nomination package: "Philpott Lake would function just fine without DRBA's help. But, the entire Dan River Basin, including Philpott Lake, would lack something essential without them."

He added, "That something essential -- a special quality that's hard to put your finger on -- is what makes DRBA unique in the world of environmentalism." He concluded by thanking DRBA for all they do, saying, "The staff and visitors of Philpott Lake benefit greatly from our partnership with DRBA." According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Partnership Advisory Committee, South Atlantic Division, "There is no question that the Dan River Basin Association is a partnership model worthy of being emulated across the entire country."